Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter & Chock Full of Character

The winter is hard folks.  It's gray, cold, mushy, dirty, cold, icy.  Did I mention cold?  The only things that make winter surviveable are boot options.  And maybe scarves.  I forgive all of you who like winter, but I am not a winter girl.  AT ALL. I think I was supposed to live in California, but the Lord knew I would NOT build ANY character out there.  But when I think of all the pressure out there to have a boob job..... whew!  So here I am, building character in Indiana.  Sigh.

Character is super unglamorous, as you may have noticed.  I remember watching my son's football game this fall, when the score was about 65-3 (Our team had the 3. Sniff) and thinking, That's enough character Lord.  I think we are chock full of character now, thanks.  

For myself, between the winter and my current unemployed status, I think we are chock full of character now, thanks!

Good thing He knows what He is doing, cuz I sure don't.  So glad for verses like, I will never leave you or forsake you.  (Hebrews 13:5, Deut 31:6)

Even when it feels like He is on the beach in the Bahamas, or at least on Instagram instead of paying attention to my little life, I KNOW it isn't true.   And even though I get to have a tantrum about the winter or about the 3,988,657 emails with job possibilities, I can't say He isn't there.  Cuz He is.  He keeps giving me wisdom for the next minute, and then the next.  It's just hard to only have light for the next step.  It's hard that I don't get to know about tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year.   Dang it.  But He is good.  He is faithful.  He just doesn't do the crystal ball thing.  And as I think about that, every time He did tell somebody in the bible what was going to happen in the future, it didn't go well.  So I am trying to trust more and have tantrums less.   I will keep you posted.  Ha.  Posted on my posts.

Hang in there reader-of-posts, He has you!  I know He has me.  He has me.  He will supply all our needs, one minute at a time.

p.s.   I know I am actually not chock full of character.  Maybe my little toe on my right foot is half

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life love and laundry..... and kittens.

Life                         Hard

Love                       Impossible

Laundry                  I use cheap detergent.

So—why “Linda on Life, Love, and Laundry?”

Mostly, because I really just liked the 4 “L” thing.  Also, It covers a lot of ground.  This way I don’t have to stay focused.  So if you were hoping for insight into life, love, laundry, or anything along those lines (ha, another L!)—read on!—maybe something will surface. 

Today I mostly just want to talk about cats.  Housecats.  Kittens.  Okay, one kitten in particular.  Our newly acquired little furball-- Daisy. 

You see, the girl typing on this keyboard, has been very resistant to pets.  And when you read very resistant, think FREAK-OUT-IF-YOU-SAY-MOM-CAN-WE-GET-A-PET, kind of resistant.  I have not wanted anyone or anything else to need me.  Because the funny thing I discovered once I had kids was this: they are needy.  They want stuff, need attention, or are hungry and/or tired and require directing towards vegetables or pillows and such.  It has been an all-day (let’s not even talk about the night) situation of need until the last few years, when I sent my last kiddo to school. 

Now they need me less, which is also difficult.  What happened to all the years of constant need?  As much as I had a mostly hate/hate relationship with that much need, I guess part of me adjusted.  Now that part of me is adjusting to this new, less needy reality.  Don’t get me wrong, this is an easier adjustment.  So much so that when someone comes home from school and wants something, I am instantly annoyed.  Responses like, “WHAT could you possibly WANT?!”, rise up out of seemingly nowhere, and even I am shocked.  Usually, it started with something like, “Can I have a snack, mom?”  Sheesh. How come I am so all or nothing?  Like, make your choice.  Either need me all the time or never need me at all.  It’s hard to be a person.

Anyway, this really is getting around to the kitty.  My husband is a cat lover and has wanted one for years.  And for years I resisted.  Then I started to be needed less, and began to soften just a tiny bit toward the idea.  About two years ago, he started asking for a cat for his 45th birthday, which was last March.  His birthday came and went, and there were no additional living creatures in our house.   I had my reasons.  These included and were not limited to:  dealing with cat boxes, meowing at possible midnight hours, scratching up of miscellaneous but probably important items like couches, dealing with cat boxes, anything related to hairballs, inopportune and possibly expensive vet visits. Also cat boxes.

Then someone mentioned in passing the fact that they were training their cat to use the toilet.  Just like that, whole new worlds opened to me where there were no cat boxes.  Visions of kitties flushing toilets danced in my head.  Hmmmmm……… maybe I could live in a world with a cat.  So I surprised my family by getting a kitten this Christmas. 

Turns out God is teaching me about Himself through a tiny little furball named Daisy.  As she chases her tail, bats at anything that moves and purrs sometimes if you even suggest you might pet her, I think of God.  Why did He create kittens?  As far as I know, they don’t have a real purpose or some kind of critical function in the ecosystem.  I am not sure the food chain would fall apart if housecats weren’t in it.  So why create housecats at all?  Here’s what I have come up with.  Get ready for some deep thoughts.  Brace yourself.

 Maybe He created kittens just for funsies.

Just for funsies! 

It makes me wonder about a God who creates cute, fuzzy animals that delight in just about anything that moves (and even some things that don’t).  What kind of God do I serve?  What if He is a God of whimsy and power?  A God of adorable and justice?  What does that mean about Him?  Why does it matter to me?  Why does that change my perspective just a little bit?  Open my heart a teeny bit more toward Him?  Why is it reassuring to me?

Maybe, because it shows that He is the God of the small and the God of the universe.  He is a God interested in companionship, the kitten-kind, and a God who is all about bringing nations together in His name. 

Another question the kitty has brought to mind:  Why purring?  Lord, what for?  Would we not know what cats liked if there was no purring?  And why can’t I purr?  If I could, when would I choose to? Maybe when someone I loved came near? Or when I am doing something You created me to do?  Would I purr while I was writing right now?  Would that help me know that this is something I should be doing?

Somehow the fact that God created cats to purr, reassures me.  He knew this was a good thing.  I love that I serve a God who made kittens and purring. 

He is good.  If you could purr, when might you be purring today?  Ask God about it. See what He shows you.  I would love to know! 

Your newly curious cat owner friend,